Warning, mostly out of date:

Like many a personal website before it, This one has been allowed to lie somewhat fallow. The most glaring untruths were last corrected June 14, 2020, but the majority of the content here was last touched July 17, 2014

If you'd like to know what I'm up to these days the best place to start is probably my twitter

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Donald Guy

Debatably Geosynchronous!

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Hi! Thanks for coming to check out my site. If you're curious, here's what I am up to of late:

Current Focuses

Everything below this line is pretty out of date:

These were what I siad my focuses were last time I updated this site before this one:

In addition to these focuses, I am finding time to pursue a number of ongoing interests, largely through books and online courses. I have offered information on what I'm up to in the pages linked below. They are listed in rough order of present level of ongoing engagement:

Ongoing Interests

Some Writings by subject

I declared spontaneously on June 3, 2014 my intention to write every day for at least a year.

In a shock to probably know one, I fell off on this severly after about 3 weeks. I hope I'll find it in myself to get started again before too long. But as listed above, my current focus is getting used to living again as a full-time employee

(When pieces are appearing...) expect to find new pieces appearing on my Medium profile and if not look to my twitter for where else I put my efforts.

Since I don't plan to necessarily keep all of my efforts in the same place, I'll make some effort to gather and organize here


Psychology & Mindfulness


General Musings



If for some reason you want to find out even more information about me, or older writing by me, you can check out the social networks linked above or use the links provided by my older, much sparser personal site